Shohei Aiba Main Story

Episode 1

A: Eating lunch made me sleepy.
A: I can’t tell you…

Episode 2

A: Yeah, that’s it.
B: How about a bagel and some coffee?

Episode 3

B: Eat something before you leave.
B: Wipe it off with a cloth.

Episode 4

B: Why don’t you lay down for a bit?
C: I hope we’re always friends.

Episode 5

A: Pork buns
A: Take a picture together.

Episode 6

B: Would you like a bite of mine?
C: Buy yakisoba.

Episode 7

C: Kiss it.
C: Give him some water from your bottle.

Episode 8

A: Nightmares about Koichi.
C: Someone who makes me feel calm

Episode 9

B: Ylang-ylang aroma
C: We talked about stocks.

Episode 10

A: That you look cool these days.
A: It’s all thanks to you.

Episode 11

B: Maybe a little.
C: Wrap my hands around his waist.

Episode 12

C: Wait until he wakes up.
B: Put my hand on his forehead.

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