Akiyoshi Zaizen Main Story

Episode 1

A: Show that it moves you.
B: “Alright!”

Episode 2

A: “I’ll give it my best shot.”
A: “Thank you very much.”

Episode 3

B: “I can do it!”
A: “I’m sorry.”

Episode 4

A: Accept graciously.
C: “How did you know?”

Episode 5

B: “No, I want to carry on!”
C: Give him your portion.

Episode 6

C: Be vague.
A: “I’ll be fine.”

Episode 7

B: “I’m sorry I made you worry.”
A: “Of course not!”

Episode 8

A: Write straight back.
C: “I was thinking you’re cute.”

Episode 9

B: “I’m glad I cooked this.”
A: “No, I’m sorry.”

Episode 10

C: “Sure.”
A: Ask him what’s happened.

Episode 11

A: Try to change the subject.
B: Don’t ask.

Episode 12

A: Come clean.
A: “Okay.”