Akiyoshi Zaizen The Proposal

Episode 1

C: “Did I look worried?”
B: “It all looks so pretty.”

Episode 2

A: “Have lunch?”
B: “Can I help?”

Episode 3

C: “Thanks.”
B: “I’ll try to live up to your expectations.”

Episode 4

B: “Trust me, too.”
A: “We bumped into each other.”

Episode 5

B: “Yes, that.”
C: “I respect him, that’s all.”

Episode 6

B: “Thank you.”
B: “I’m right behind you.”

Episode 7

B: “But I’ve got to try.”
B: “I never meant to betray your trust.”

Episode 8

C: “Thank you for saving me.”
B: “Please, I want that.”

Episode 9

C: “You’ve been very brave.”
B: “Wahoo!”

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