Minato Okouchi The Proposal

Episode 1

A: “We sound like newly-weds.”
A: “No chance of that.”

Episode 2

B: Get embarrassed.
B: Squeeze his hand back.

Episode 3

B: “I’ll miss him.”
B: Answer truthfully.

Episode 4

A: Surrender to him.
B: “What if I want to call you?”

Episode 5

B: “Would you like a bath?”
A: Stay calm and make something up.

Episode 6

A: Sulk.
B: “It’s every woman’s dream.”

Episode 7

C: Sit back and watch.
B: “Show me how you feel.”

Episode 8

A: Send him off with a smile.
C: “That was fun!”

Episode 9

B: Say you’re willing to resign.
B: Put your arm around his neck.

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