Shusei Hayakawa Main Story

Episode 1

B: “Okay, great.”
A: “Shall I make you some, too?”

Episode 2

B: “It’s a bit of a leap.”
C: “I’ll get you back.”

Episode 3

B: “I’m so nervous.”
C: “Is that a proposal?”

Episode 4

C: “I was hoping you’d say that.”
C: “Is that what it looks like?”

Episode 5

C: Take Shusei’s side.
A: Jump out of the way.

Episode 6

B: “Let’s cook together again sometime.”
A: “I’m too heavy.”

Episode 7

B: Ask him without making a big deal about it.
A: “I’d like to take one of your classes.”

Episode 8

B: “We talked about you.”
A: Tell him it’s fine.

Episode 9

B: Ignore them and get inside.
B: Tell the truth.

Episode 10

C: Suggest a video game.
C: Hold his hand.

Episode 11

B: “It’s for Shusei’s sake.”
A: “I like him as a person.”

Episode 12

A: Tell him the truth.
B: Slip away together.