Tsumugu Kido Main Story

Episode 1

B: You must work hard.
A: Make some for Kido.

Episode 2

C: Isn’t this too much trouble?
B: Shake his hand firmly.

Episode 3

C: Of course, we’re perfectly fine.
A: Ask him straight out.

Episode 4

A: Ask him.
C: It is tiring…

Episode 5

B: I prefer Kansai dialect.
C: Get angry.

Episode 6

A: Invite Tsumugu.
C: Cheer up!

Episode 7

B: Jerk!
B: Don’t tell them about him.

Episode 8

C: Your job is your life.
A: I’m sorry too.

Episode 9

A: Do you have siblings?
C: Ask Tsumugu.

Episode 10

B: Tell him.
A: Tell him the truth.
B: I won’t give up.

Episode 11

B: I’m not a girl, I’m a woman.
B: Everything’s fine.

Episode 12

C: It would be wrong to get on.

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