Ren Shibasaki Main Story 2

Episode 1

B: What he doesn’t like about you
A: It made me feel uneasy

Episode 2

A: Ask what’s going on
A: Ask Ren to decide

Episode 3

B: Have them tear up the veggies
B: Let’s do it together

Episode 4

B: Admit it wasn’t funny
A: He looks like he’d be a good dad.

Episode 5

A: You looked like a father and daughter.
B: But I decided not to ask for now.

Episode 6

B: Nice to meet you, too.
A: You’re acting like a child.

Episode 7

B: You look really cute.
A: This is why I love Ren.

Episode 8

B: Confess
B: Daniel must be busy.

Episode 9

B: Lie and say I like it a lot.

Episode 10

A: How do you stay so strong?
B: I don’t want to infect you.

Episode 11

B: Stay in his arms
B: Let him baby you

Episode 12

B: That’d be great!
B: Try to change the subject

Episode 13

A: Laugh it off
A: Reached for his hand

Episode 14

A: Help me, Ren!
A: Be unhappy

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