Takao Maruyama Sequel

Episode 1

A: Cut it in half and offer him some.
B: Smile and say, “Maybe later.”

Episode 2

B: “Thank you.”
A: Change the subject for him.

Episode 3

B: Tell him you felt someone watching.
B: Cling onto Takao’s shirt.

Episode 4

B: “Thank you.”
A: Because I made you worry.

Episode 5

B: Wait for Takao to tell you himself.
B: Stick up for Takao.

Episode 6

A: “Don’t say it has nothing to do with me.”
B: Act like you don’t care.

Episode 7

A: “Welcome home!”
A: “Have I really?!”

Episode 8

A: “I was just thinking how cool he looks.”
A: Ask him directly.

Episode 9

A: Gently kiss him.
B: “You did a good job.”

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