Hikaru Aihara Main Story

Episode 1

B: Follow him.
A: Tell him your name.

Episode 2

B: “He’s strange.”
C: “What do you get out of it?”

Episode 3

A: “It’s not easy.”
B: “It’s dangerous.”

Episode 4

C: Thank him.
C: Message him back.

Episode 5

A: “I want to work with you.”
B: Have him help.

Episode 6

C: “What can I do?”
B: “Don’t try anything funny.”

Episode 7

A: Wipe up the blood.
B: “Who did you want to grow taller than?”

Episode 8

C: “What was he like then?”
C: “Relaxing is important.”

Episode 9

B: “I don’t know.”
C: “Did you notice I wasn’t feeling well?”

Episode 10

B: No reason.
C: “It’s not a waste!”

Episode 11

C: “Not really…”
A: “I want to stop Hikaru.”

Episode 12

B: “I want to save Hikaru!”
C: “I can’t run now.”

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