What’s up with that link to buy you a coffee?

Once you start playing these stories, you quickly realize that the cost piles up.  My employment includes a contractual layoff every year, so, while my backlog is huge and will keep me going for a while, keeping up with the new stories can become challenging during that layoff period.  That coffee (which has become a euphemism for feeding the otome addiction, apparently) helps me to offer more current walkthroughs in a timely manner.

When will you do the walkthrough for [story]?

Honestly, I never know when I’m going to do a walkthrough for a specific story.  I play a lot on whims, so I may go from the middle of one character’s arc to a character from another game entirely.  I may never play some stories; some of the characters’ archetypes are just of no interest to me, as are some of the games’ premises.  If it’s a story on my list that I just haven’t gotten to yet, I may bump it up if I know there’s interest in it, but I make no guarantees.  After all, I do this for fun, and obligation makes it less fun.

tl;dr It never hurts to ask, but it’s ultimately up to what strikes my fancy at any given time.

Do you take requests?

Absolutely!  This kind of falls in under the question above as to whims, but I frequently find myself waffling over which story to play, to the point that I end up playing nothing.  I may not jump on requests right away, but I do take them into account when I can’t settle on something myself.  That being said, there are a couple of things to note in regards to requests:

  • The best way to submit one is through the ask box on the How to Otome tumblr.  There’s a link direct to it in the sidebar, as well.
  • I will not be posting any walkthroughs for Lovestruck stories.  Those currently available are legacy walkthroughs from the standalone apps and will not be added to.  Please do not request them.
Can you send me the CGs from [story]?

Sorry, but no.  I understand your interest in them, but sending CGs violates all sorts of ethics and laws.  Besides, half the fun of getting the CGs is the context, which you won’t get without playing the stories yourself.

What happens in [story]?

I won’t provide summaries for the same reasons I won’t provide CGs.  If you’re asking because you aren’t certain if you want to buy the story, see if you can find a review site instead, or search tumblr for the game or character tag; you can usually gauge appeal of the story from reactions there, even if there’s no formal review posted.  If it’s that the story isn’t available to you for whatever reason, I’d still recommend tumblr; trolling a tag will give you a lot more information than I would.

Can you recommend a game or character?

This I’m happy to do!  I may not have a lot of suggestions–there are a lot of characters and stories I’ve purchased but not yet played–but I like discussing them as much as the next fan.  My recommendations will probably be heavily skewed to more mature games and characters, though, as they just resonate more with me.

I emailed you two weeks ago!

I know, I suck.  I’m a terrible correspondent, and I’m sorry.