Eiji Kiyosumi London Calling

Episode 1

A: “I’m a busybody.”
B: “You already hate me.”

Episode 2

C: “Black.”
A: “That’s a terrible thing to say.”

Episode 3

A: “No!”
A: “Let’s stay in a hotel!”

Episode 4

A: “Can you leave the room?”
B: “You shouldn’t pry.”

Episode 5

A: Jump out in front of Eiji.
B: “That’s not true.”

Episode 6

C: “Don’t sweat it!”
B: “I’ll go with you.”

Episode 7

A: “I don’t believe you!”
A: “Let’s escape together!”

Episode 8

B: “He was chasing after me!”
B: “I’ll fight, too!”

Episode 9

B: “Leave it to me.”
B: “Eiji was shot!”

Episode 10

A: I want to talk to him.

Episode 11

B: “I was longing to see Eiji.”
C: “I missed you.”

Episode 12

A: “Do you want to go to Yakiniku Ramen?”
A: “Did you just…?”

Episode 13

A: “I could say the same to you.”
A: “There was another incident…”

Episode 14

B: Look over at Eiji.
B: “Don’t worry.”

Episode 15

C: “To prevent betrayal.”
B: Cry.

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