Toru Kurosawa Meeting Him

Episode 1

B: “Definitely.”
A: “Definitely.”

Episode 2

C: “He’s a funny guy.”
C: Stay silent.

Episode 3

B: Kuro-P and the Kappa
B: Try to figure it out.

Episode 4

A: “No!”
B: “No way!”

Episode 5

C: “I’m doing this for myself.”
C: “You’re so unfair.”

Episode 6

A: “Sweet.”
A: “No, that’s it.”

Episode 7

A: “Namika, the nurse.”
C: “I want to be your number one.”

Episode 8

A: Sing a song.
A: “I admire him.”

Episode 9

B: “I’ll shake things up.”
A: “He’s kind.”