Sohei Otori Main Story

Episode 1

A: “I agree, to a certain extent.”
B: “He did.”

Episode 2

A: The hospital.
B: Makes you feel anxious.

Episode 3

B: “Is that really all?”
C: “I don’t know about a date…”

Episode 4

C: “I don’t know yet.”
B: “No, we’re not.”

Episode 5

B: “That’s not important now.”
A: “It’s about Kosuke.”

Episode 6

B: “You like stuff like this?”
A: “Say it straight up.”

Episode 7

A: “I was tired from work.”
C: “Sorry…”

Episode 8

A: “Save me.”
A: “I’m sorry.”

Episode 9

B: The stairs.
C: “You want to do it with me?”

Episode 10

A: “From my fiance.”
C: “Because I feel close to you.”

Episode 11

A: “Very.”
C: “What about the forehead kisses?”

Episode 12

C: “…”
B: “That was sudden.”

Episode 13

A: Call him.
A: “I can’t do that.”

Episode 14

A: “You can’t forgive me, can you?”
B: “Don’t say another word!”

Episode 15

A: Cling on to Sohei.
B: “I can’t give it to you.”