Umi Sakurai Main Story

Episode 1

A: Hurt from an accident.
A: “Sure.”

Episode 2

C: “It’s just us…”
B: “This is fun.”

Episode 3

B: Seafood curry.
C: “…”

Episode 4

C: Scones.
B: “Glad you like it.”

Episode 5

C: Go to an aquarium.
A: Italian.

Episode 6

C: “I’m going to have fun.”
A: “Good job.”

Episode 7

B: “Easy.”
A: “Perfect.”

Episode 8

A: “I got here early.”
B: “Maybe next time.”

Episode 9

B: “I am, a little.”
C: “What should we do?”

Episode 10

C: “Forget what you saw.”
A: “You got it.”

Episode 11

B: “Really?”
B: “Just asking.”

Episode 12

C: “So do you all…”
B: “I’m not telling you.”

Episode 13

A: “Would you like coffee?”
A: “I’m sorry.”

Episode 14

A: “Let’s bring him.”
C: “I haven’t eaten.”

Episode 15

C: “Can you tell me more?”
A: “That’s me.”