Hiroki Eniwa A Dreamy Proposal

Episode 1

A: “That’s unfair.”
A: “What is that supposed to mean?”

Episode 2

B: “What do you mean?”
B: “I’m always here to listen.”

Episode 3

A: Ask “Is something the matter?”
C: “Do you have work left to do?”

Episode 4

C: Admit the Erena’s beautiful.
C: “Sorry to get all worried.”

Episode 5

B: Quickly apologize.
C: “Thank you for telling me.”

Episode 6

A: “That’s a great idea!”
C: “Thank you for your concern.”

Episode 7

B: “Good evening…”
A: “I want to go, but I probably can’t…”

Episode 8

B: “Um, Mr. Eniwa…?”
C: “I’m not.”

Episode 9

A: “It was fun.”
B: Remain silent.

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