Hiroki Eniwa Main Story

Episode 1

B: “They were.”
A: Say “Thank you.”

Episode 2

A: “I’ll try my best.”
A: Go along with it.

Episode 3

C: Stay quiet.
A: …search for my clothes.

Episode 4

A: “I don’t.”
B: Tell him good bye.

Episode 5

B: “I want to protect everyone’s memories.”
A: “Congratulations.”

Episode 6

C: “Could you say that again?”
C: “We could go home together.”

Episode 7

A: Greet him cheerfully.
B: “I don’t think I deserve this.”

Episode 8

C: Talk about work.
A: “You’re dropping me off.”

Episode 9

B: “Let’s make this great.”
C: “Is that really okay with you?”

Episode 10

B: “That’s right.”
C: “I’ve been worried.”

Episode 11

C: “Answer my question.”
C: Don’t respond.

Episode 12

B: “I’m really happy for you.”
A: Take Hiro’s hand.