Hiroki Eniwa To Have and to Hold

Episode 1

A: Answer honestly.
B: Tell him you love him.

Episode 2

B: Get embarrassed..
A: “Are you happy, too?”

Episode 3

C: “I was thinking how happy I am.”
B: Say it’s ok.

Episode 4

C: Be in disbelief.
A: “Please!”

Episode 5

A: “I’ll go with you.”
C: Talk about what to do now.

Episode 6

B: Nod back.
C: “What about those heels?”

Episode 7

C: “I’m with your mom.”
C: “Why do you say that?”

Episode 8

C: Get right to the point.
A: “I want to make the most of it.”

Episode 9

C: “I want to learn more from you.”
C: “I’ll run!”