Makoto Morimachi Main Story

Episode 1

A: Accept the offer.
B: I should be the one saying that.

Episode 2

B: S-Sorry!
A: I’m doing market research.

Episode 3

C: I want to eat it already.
A: He’s an old friend.

Episode 4

C: I’ll try my best.
C: I want to do it.

Episode 5

B: That’s our Mako.
C: Let’s make this happen, together.

Episode 6

C: That may be…
A: Thank you.

Episode 7

B: I’m glad.
A: Your paper…

Episode 8

B: Stay still.
A: Call him Mako.

Episode 9

C: This is amazing.
B: I’m kind of glad.

Episode 10

A: Those chocolates are amazing.
A: Hold Makoto back.

Episode 11

B: Look away and hold him.
A: I want to.

Episode 12

A: Greet him like normal.
A: Hold him.

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