Aki Fujishima The Proposal

Episode 1

A: Tell him it’s true.
B: “Only for people we like.”

Episode 2

C: “I want to try it.”
B: “I hope so.”

Episode 3

A: “You’re right.”
A: “Is there anything I can do?”

Episode 4

A: “Aki’s doing his best.”
A: “It’s still embarrassing…”

Episode 5

B: “Thanks.”
C: “What are you talking about?”

Episode 6

A: “I understand.”
B: “You’re working so hard.”

Episode 7

B: “Thank you.”
B: “Yeah, you’re right.”

Episode 8

B: “But, thanks for coming.”
C: “You remembered.”

Episode 9

B: “No comment.”
B: Mouth, “thank you” to him.