Kazuki Serizawa Main Story

Episode 1

A: “I’d be happy to.”
B: This about it

Episode 2

C: “Maybe I will be…”
A: “We’re friends.”

Episode 3

C: Bear it a little longer
A: “My work was more important.”

Episode 4

A: Ask him
C: “You’re the worst…”

Episode 5

A: “Thanks.”
C: “I’m just embarrassed.”

Episode 6

A: Accept Kazuki’s offer
B: Call for help

Episode 7

A: “I’ll try and ask.”

Episode 8

C: Express worry
A: “I thought so…”

Episode 9

A: Speak to Kazuki.
C: Don’t wake him

Episode 10

B: Say okay
C: Consider the job

Episode 11

A: Own up
C: “I wish them the best.”

Episode 12

A: “Don’t joke.”
B: “I’m just a friend.”

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