Episode 1

A: “Sure!”
A: “What are you talking about?!”

Episode 2

A: “I’ll be more careful.”
C: Let him.

Episode 3

A: To friendship.
C: “How can I be sexy?”

Episode 4

C: Hug him.
B: Strike a pose.

Episode 5

B: “I’m right here.”
A: “That’s not true.”

Episode 6

C: “Just carry me.”
C: “I don’t want a boyfriend yet.”

Episode 7

C: “Outfits are really popular.”
C: “From Ren.”

Episode 8

A: “Time to watch TV!”
A: “Don’t laugh!”

Episode 9

C: Listen to OMI’s song.
B: “Maybe a little.”

Episode 10

C: “You’ll catch a cold.”
C: “I was jogging.”

Episode 11

B: “You think so, too?”
C: “I’ve been busy at work.”

Episode 12

B: “None of your business!”
C: “Want me to make you food?”

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