Shinobu Narita Main Story

Story 1

A: “Actually…”
A: “Are you guys dating?”

Story 2

A: “I’m sorry.”
A: “He was just helping me.”

Story 3

A: Get it.
A: “Yes.”

Story 4

A: “Please give me more time.”
B: “I want to do things normal couples do.”

Story 5

C: “Is that what it looks like?”
B: “Thank you.”

Story 6

C: “I don’t know.”
C: Be stunned that your clothes are see-through.

Story 7

B: “It’s a huge problem!”
A: “It’s not impossible, but…”

Story 8

A: “That’s right.”
B: “Is that how it looks?”

Story 9

C: Lean against his shoulder.
A: “It’s just nice.”

Story 10

A: “Sure.”
C: “Did something happen?”

Story 11

C: Pick it up.
A: Call out to him.

Story 12

A: “Yes.”
A: “It won’t take long.”

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