Episode 1

C: Thought it was the most safet
A: No

Episode 2

A: Yes
A: Just a crew member

Episode 3

B: My knees are jelly
C: “I do think you’re amazing”

Episode 4

A: You’re so kind
B: You’re kind

Episode 5

C: …
C: I got lost

Episode 6

C: It’s not like that
C: It isn’t fair

Episode 7

A: Not at all
C: A heartbreaker

Episode 8

A: No
C: Did you say something?

Episode 9

A: Of course
A: You’re married

Episode 10

B: Captain is mad at me
B: It’s not fair!

Episode 11

B: I’d be happy
C: Let’s leave, Captain!

Episode 12

B: I’m nervous
A: I’ll stay on the Sirius

Episode 13

A: No

Episode 14

B: I’m a member of the Sirius
C: We need you

Episode 15

B: Roy is the greatest
A: Yes!

Episode 16

A: I won’t forget
A: I’ll go with you

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