Keith Alford Main Story

Episode 1

A: I’ve never danced before.
B: I am not that kind of girl!

Episode 2

A: All on my own?
A: Tell her what happened at the party.

Episode 3

B: Walk away quietly.
A: I’m not interested in His Highness.

Episode 4

A: Are these parties fun for you?
B: Say what’s on your mind.

Episode 5

A: Say something to Prince Keith
A: Reach out to Prince Keith.

Episode 6

A: Give Prince Keith a piece of your mind.
A: Why did you come earlier?

Episode 7

A: Thank you.
B: Smile.

Episode 8

B: Head towards the food stalls.
A: Could I have one, please?

Episode 9

B: Stay quiet.
B: Because I know how Laura feels.

Episode 10

A: Suggest a change of scenery.
A: Tell Luke what happened.

Episode 11

B: Good luck.
A: I understand…

Episode 12

B: Zain told me.
B: Don’t respond.

Episode 13

A: Should we not forgive Laura…?
B: What are you doing out here this late?

Episode 14

A: Look back at Prince Keith.
A: Tell the truth.