Kippei Ebihara Main Story

Episode 1

A: I think I work hard in my own way.
B: I’d like to keep working, if I can.

Episode 2

A: Nothing… It’s fine.
A: I’m fine, really.

Episode 3

A: I’m not really into that.
A: Yes…

Episode 4

B: You’re a good looking guy…
A: I’ve never seen you smile before.

Episode 5

B: I must be so unappealing.
A: …Thank you, sir.

Episode 6

A: He was amazing.
A: I can’t.

Episode 7

A: No, not really.
A: I wanted to have a drink with you.

Episode 8

B: Could we take a little walk?
C: What are YOU doing here, Koichi?

Episode 9

A: Hold on.
B: Daisies

Episode 10

A: I had it in silent mode.
B: That’s right…

Episode 11

C: It’s my fault.
A: I’d like to keep working for a while.

Episode 12

B: I do…
B: Why did you say not to visit?

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