Kaoru Kirishima Main Story

Episode 1

C: “I’ll try to cooperate with him.”
A: That’s not the point.

Episode 2

B: You’re really fluent in English.
A: After I finish.

Episode 3

C: Is the food good?
B: “I’ll ask Kaoru for help.”

Episode 4

C: Ask Kaoru.
B: I found the cat.

Episode 5

A: “It’s obvious.
B: Only a little.

Episode 6

B: Thanks for saving me.
A: Why do you ask?

Episode 7

C: Let’s finish this together.
A: Then teach me.

Episode 8

C: Sorry I misunderstood.
C: Will you comfort me?

Episode 9

C: Talk to everyone.
A: Are you mad?

Episode 10

B: I want you to read it first.
B: I’m fine.

Episode 11

B: Bow your head too.
A: I’m glad you didn’t drop it.

Episode 12

C: Tell him about the man.
A: I’m fine.