Minato Okouchi Main Story

Episode 1

B: Get mad.
A: Say goodnight.

Episode 2

A: “You could learn from him.”
A: “Good luck with your work, then.”

Episode 3

B: “I’m not in love.”
B: “Shall I give you lessons?”

Episode 4

B: “I’d go look for him.”

Episode 5

B: See what Minato does.
A: “Let me thank you.”

Episode 6

B: Have a quick chat.
B: Cover yourself with your hands.

Episode 7

C: “I want to stay with you.”
A: “I’m sure you’ll learn how to love in the end.”

Episode 8

C: “I’d rather hear it from him.”
A: “You should smile more.”

Episode 9

A: “It’s thanks to you.”
A: “I am.”

Episode 10

B: Stroke his head.
A: Close your eyes.

Episode 11

C: “I’m sorry…”
A: “There are some.”

Episode 12

B: Ask what’s wrong.
A: “Now it’s payback time.”