Takamasa Saeki Main Story 1

Episode 1

B: Who doesn’t want an ideal marriage?
B: Do as you please.

Episode 2

B: Can we talk some other time?
A: Don’t say a word.

Episode 3

A: They’re right over here.
A: Kiss him on the forehead.

Episode 4

B: It’s more stimulating than fun.
A: I was moved to tears.

Episode 5

B: White blouse and black mini skirt.
B: Ask why is he naked.

Episode 6

A: Nod quietly.
B: About a potential job.

Episode 7

A: “Believe in yourself!”
B: It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun.

Episode 8

A: This is important to me.
A: I want him to smile.

Episode 9

B: Hold his hand.
B: Maybe both.

Episode 10

A: You’re more important to me right now.
B: Scold him.

Episode 11

A: About my family.
B: Hold him.

Episode 12

A: I’m happy to be of help.
A: Never been in love before, right?

Episode 13

B: Nod
A: Takamasa just wants to be accepted.

Episode 14

A: Cheer with happiness.
B: Look up into his face.