Takamasa Saeki Main Story 2

Episode 1

A: “I’m fine.”
B: “No, not at all…”

Episode 2

B: “Should we ask for advice at LI?”
A: “I won’t!”

Episode 3

B: “Why don’t you want to go to Paris?”
A: “I think he’s cute.”

Episode 4

B: “Are you going out, Saeki?”
A: “Want to take a break?”

Episode 5

A: “I made it.”
B: “Shun, he’s not mad.”

Episode 6

A: “It’s hard being a child actor.”
B: “You’re like Saeki, Shun.”

Episode 7

B: “You did a great job.”
A: “Maybe I’ll get in.”

Episode 8

A: “Say ‘ahhh!’”
A: “About Shun…”

Episode 9

B: “I’m sorry!”
B: “I’ll try calling his phone.”

Episode 10

B: “Shun?”
B: “You must be hungry.”

Episode 11

B: “What’s going on, Saeki?”
B: Lie and say you’re his aunt.

Episode 12

A: “You already finished it?”
A: “I couldn’t stop reading it.”

Episode 13

B: “Hey! They’re not my taste!”
A: “Octopus?”

Episode 14

A: “Maybe I should call him?”
A: “Have you seen Chiharu?”

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