Episode 1

B: Take his arm.
B: “I found these lying around.”

Episode 2

A: Museum
C: “If I need more clothes, I’ll bring them from home.”

Episode 3

A: Meat and potato stew with seitan
C: “I didn’t mind.”

Episode 4

C: “Just at the moment, kind of…”
A: Call his name

Episode 5

C: “We’re enjoying our time together.”
A: “You were marvelous.”

Episode 6

C: “Maybe just a little…”
B: Clam up

Episode 7

C: “It’s surprisingly enjoyable.”
C: Fall silent

Episode 8

A: Touch his cheek
B: “I’m still sleepy…”

Episode 9

C: “Why would I give up on him?”
A: “…I heard.”

Episode 10

B: “You don’t have to force a smile.”
C: Maintain a shocked silence

Episode 11

B: “I don’t want to answer that question.”
A: “Let’s go retrieve it together.”

Episode 12

B: “The ring came back to you because it matters.”
A: “I want to see who you really are.”

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