Story 1

A: “All I need is you.”
B: “This is exactly what Mr. Hayami wants.”

Story 2

C: “I’ll make you coffee while you set up.”
B: Lay your head on his shoulder.

Story 3

C: “Before I knew it, I was in love.”
C: “I’m not giving you the ‘definition.'”

Story 4

C: Imagine what it would be like.
C: Close your eyes.

Story 5

C: Pat his head.
C: “This is your doing, isn’t it!”

Story 6

A: “Who cares about being president of the company.
A: “I can’t even imagine.”

Story 7

B: “I’m going to keep you around even if you want me gone.”
A: “What should I do, Kai?”

Story 8

B: “We both know you don’t mean that.”
A: “You’re like a mother-in-law.”

Story 9

C: “You’re perfect just as you are.”
C: (I have NO idea what to say to that.)