Episode 1

C: Isn’t this place a bit modest (for a Special Exec)?
B: “I feel the same.”

Episode 2

B: “I WILL leave if you talk for more than a minute.”
C: “Talking about marriage”

Episode 3

A: “Isn’t that what it means to be a company?”
B: “We don’t understand each other”

Episode 4

C: “There’s something about him”
B: Don’t ask him

Episode 5

C: “Sweet rolled omelettes are the best”
A: “To me, that time is precious”

Episode 6

C: “I don’t know why I’m crying”
C: “What do you think?”

Episode 7

A: “Shizuoka’s a really big place”
A: “You see me as a woman now?”

Episode 8

A: “Do you prefer beer or sake?”
C: “We shouldn’t pressure him…”

Episode 9

B: “Then you have to look out for me all the time”
A: “I’ll pay for it!”

Episode 10

C: “Why are you two telling me this?”
C: “That stuff about the eggs was a lie”

Episode 11

C: “Because they’re not your enemies”
A: “How about a letter?”

Episode 12

A: Call out Kai’s name
A: I refuse to choose another fiancee