Episode 1

A: “You sure like things tidy, huh?”
C: Tease him.

Episode 2

A: “About that chem test.”
B: Play it off.

Episode 3

C: “Why come here if you’re not going to eat?”
B: “I can’t imagine you being talkative.”

Episode 4

C: Next to Mr. Chitose.
A: “I’m worried you’re not eating properly.”

Episode 5

A: “I want to get even better.”
A: Say to Ren, “Give him a bite of spinach.”

Episode 6

C: “You got a really early start.”
C: “It’s embarrassing!”

Episode 7

B: Tease him.
B: (Oh no…)

Episode 8

A: Don’t get Ren involved.
A: “And I figured you would too.”

Episode 9

A: Keep your nerve and look him in the eye.
C: Look down.

Episode 10

A: “I want you to smile, Ren.”
B: “You have such a sweet look on your face.”

Episode 11

C: “That does fit Ren’s nature.”
A: Be dubious

Episode 12

B: “That does no one any good.”
C: “My choice is you, Ren.”

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