Episode 1

A: “I want to get married on my own terms.”
C: “That might be a good idea…”

Episode 2

B: “I’m surprised…”
A: “I went to my uncle’s house…”

Episode 3

A: “Leave me alone!”
B: “…I know.”

Episode 4

B: “I’m just hungry.”
B: “There’s a reason for this!”

Episode 5

A: “Take it easy.”
C: “Try depending on others!”

Episode 6

B: “Be careful not to overwork yourself.”
A: “It still makes me happy.”

Episode 7

C: “You really do look after me, don’t you?”
B: “Unfortunately not…”

Episode 8

C: Say the first thing that comes to mind.
B: “I like it a lot.”

Episode 9

A: Give him a smile.
A: Continue speaking brightly.

Episode 10

C: “No, Mr. Hayami kicked me out.”
B: “Yes, I overheard…”

Episode 11

A: Squeeze your eyes shut.
C: “Is that how it looks…?”

Episode 12

B: “Exactly…”
C: Run after him.

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