Episode 1

A: “I wouldn’t do it in front of someone else!”
C: “Having your arm used as a pillow is tiring!”

Episode 2

C: “I’m fine just stealing glances, thanks.”
A: “I would have.”

Episode 3

B: “I’ll find a man who will accept all of me.”
A: “Yamato.”

Episode 4

B: “Anything’s fine.  Your food is always good.”
C: “And if I don’t agree, what will you do?”

Episode 5

B: “I respect you for it.”
B: “Because he doesn’t think of me as a woman…”

Episode 6

B: “Okay… Please do!”
B: “Guess it might rain tonight…”

Episode 7

A: “Today’s dinner was delicious.”
A: “Why is that out of the question?”

Episode 8

B: Ask how he’s doing.
B: “…What do you mean by that, exactly?”

Episode 9

A: “How could I ever forget this place?”
B: Call him “Yammy”.

Episode 10

A: “Am I more like the otter?”
A: “Not yet.”

Episode 11

A: “Please don’t go.”
C: “Yamato’s the only one for me.”

Episode 12

A: “I told him I wanted out.”
C: “What if I abdicate from being the CEO’s heir?”

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