Episode 1

C: “Why would I?”
B: “It’s true.”

Episode 2

A: “Who’s that?”
A: “Yeah!”

Episode 3

A: “Good friends?”
A: “I’ll pass!”

Episode 4

A: “I know that.”
C: “Would you go with me?”

Episode 5

A: “Just a hunch.”
A: “I’m sorry.”

Episode 6

C: “May I sit with you?”
C: “Sure!”

Episode 7

A: “Is that right?”
B: “I can handle myself!”

Episode 8

C: “Mixed juice.”
A: “Thanks.”

Episode 9

A: Nod.
A: “That’s so mean!”

Episode 10

C: “I am not spacing out!”
A: “Okay.”

Episode 11

A: “You think so?”
A: “I’m happy you gave it to me.”

Episode 12

C: “You want to go with me?”
C: “Are you sure?”

Episode 13

B: “Just a bit.”
A: “It’s all my fault!”

Episode 14

B: “I wanted to relax.”
A: “Really?”

Episode 15

C: “To get better at studying!”
B: “What’s wrong with that?”