Chapter 1

A: Go join him.
A: Go in together.

Chapter 2

C: Thanks.
B: I’d love to.

Chapter 3

C: Not really.

Chapter 4

A: Good thing it was a dream.
A: It’s all superstition anyway.

Chapter 5

B: You’re fine the way you are.
A: Take him up on it.

Chapter 6

C: Act embarrassed.
C: Sorry.

Chapter 7

A: Let’s go, Kanji!
B: Go with Kanji.

Chapter 8

B: Huh?
C: Go with Mikiti.

Chapter 9

A: Ask indirectly.
A: Never had any this good.

Chapter 10

A: What kind of candy is this?
A:It’s nice having you here.

Chapter 11

C: Thank you.
A: We weren’t doing anything.

Chapter 12

C: I’m loving these fireworks.
C: Thank you.

Chapter 13

A: You don’t have to talk.
B: Sure, why not.

Chapter 14

A: I love you too.
A: I was thinking the same thing.

Chapter 15

B: I’m not mad.
A: One with a big garden.

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