Episode 1

A: Stop him.
C: What’s that?

Episode 2

A: Thanks.
A: That’s so neat.

Episode 3

C: Explain yourself.
A: Me? Not someone else?

Episode 4

C: Be silent.
A: I couldn’t!

Episode 5

A: It was fun.
A: I’d love to!

Episode 6

C: Blush.
A: It’s okay!

Episode 7

B: That makes sense.
C: Ask how to cook it.

Episode 8

A: Not at all.
B: Ichi.

Episode 9

B: Can’t you let us off?
B: But you look gorgeous.

Episode 10

C: I’ll show you!
B: I appreciate it!

Episode 11

A: No, never.
B: You’re kind of a dork.

Episode 12

A: Yeah…
A: Sure!

Episode 13

C: I’d love to!
B: Y-yeah.

Episode 14

A: Of course not.
B: Strawberry and cream cheese.

Episode 15

A: I’m okay.
A: No.

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