Chapter 1

B: Looked easy to talk to
A: Thanks

Chapter 2

B: You were cool
B: You’re Yasuto, though

Chapter 3

B: Want anything else?

Chapter 4

A: We don’t have the time
B: It’s good manners

Chapter 5

A: He’s cool
B: Pray on Yasuto’s behalf

Chapter 6

C: Drink it
A: Your baseball enthusiasm

Chapter 7

B: What about you, Yasuto?
A: Stay a little longer

Chapter 8

B: Laugh with them
B: Take it from him

Chapter 9

C: I was talking with Nagisa
A: It could go a while

Chapter 10

C: Watch them for now
A: Encourage him

Chapter 11

B: Compliment the guys
B: Chii’s making boiled fish!

Chapter 12

C: Change the subject
A: Back Yasuto up

Chapter 13

A: It doesn’t bother me

Chapter 14

A: Don’t get too worried
C: I know you can do it

Chapter 15

A: Cheer for him
B: Take his hand

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