File 1

B: “You seemed nice.”
B: “So I can contact you anytime?”

File 2

A: “I already made plans with Haruna today.”
A: “I think you live alone.”

File 3

B: “Are you happy to be here, Motoharu?”
A: Say it.
A: “Thank you.”

File 4

C: “That’s none of my business.”
B: “That was so deceitful.”

File 5

B: “We’re going to search for her instead?”
A: “It’s for Kota’s family.”

File 6

C: “You’re such a professional.”
A: “Let’s split up and look for her.”

File 7

B: “I don’t know.”
C: “You draw it, Motoharu.”

File 8

B: “He’s extremely popular.”
A: “I’m not going to be a honey trap, am I?!”

File 9

B: “Our assignment is more important.”
C: “Because we’re partners.”

File 10

A: Say nothing.
A: Resist him.

File 11

A: “I trust you.”
A: “You go first.”

File 12

C: “I’m not sure I could eat right now.”
C: “Believe in us.”

File 13

A: “I’m asleep.”
C: “Now you definitely have to take me.”

File 14

C: Say nothing.
B: “Not just me. Ryohei’s here too.”

File 15

A: Squeeze his hand in return.
B: “What are we going to do now?”