File 1

B: “What do you even mean by that?”
B: “Thanks for your concern.”

File 2

B: “You saved me!”
B: “Everything I said is true!”

File 3

C: “I’m nervous…”
A: “No.  We’re not.”

File 4

B: “That’s no reason to shoot somebody!”
B: “I’m good, actually.”

File 5

B: “That nothing happened, obviously.”
C: “I’ve come to guide you through the drill!”

File 6

C: “I wanted to talk to you.”
B: “What have we got in common?”

File 7

B: “You’re the best!”
A: “Would you mind telling me?”

File 8

A: “I want to know what you do on your days off.”
B: “I can’t forget.”

File 9

B: “You’re not making any other unnecessary orders, are you?”
B: “I suddenly feel a bit dizzy…”

File 10

C: “Mr. Murata… Who are you, really?”
A: Laugh it off.

File 11

C: Hold Riku’s hand.
A: “Thank you, Riku!”

File 12

A: “I can’t say.”
C: “Let’s get out of here while we can!”

File 13

B: “He hates me.”
A: “He’s a hard worker.”

File 14

A: “You don’t hate him, do you?”
B: Contact Riku.

File 15

C: “Because I’ve seen what he can do.”
A: “I’m going with you!”