File 1

B: He seems down to earth.
A: “I’ll try again.”

File 2

A: Tell the truth.
B: “Let me go!”

File 3

B: “Fran?”
B: “No way!”

File 4

B: Close your eyes.
A: “I’ll do it.”

File 5

A: “I’d love some advice.”
B: “Next time, then.”

File 6

A: “…All right”
B: “Let me know if I can help.”

File 7

B: “I was more curious about you.”
A: Call him “Ryohei.”

File 8

C: “What about you?”
A: “Wait!”

File 9

B: “How are you feeling?”
A: “I’m sorry, I can’t stop.”

File 10

B: “You’re late.”
B: “Thank you!”

File 11

A: “Help!”
A: Answer honestly.

File 12

C: Ask to compete.
B: Ask where he’s sitting.

File 13

B: “Next time, maybe…”
A: “I can’t say.”

File 14

B: “That’s terrible!”
C: Tug on Ichiya’s arm.

File 15

A: “I promised you.”
A: “I love you.”