Episode 1

B: I’m still trying to take this all in
B: I think I got it.

Episode 2

A: That’s a problem
A: I’m not a tool!

Episode 3

C: I’m sure he won’t do it again.
C: You don’t know how?

Episode 4

B: I’ll pass.
C: Why do you do this?
C: I bet he’s popular with women.

Episode 5

A: Satoru
A: Break loose
A: I’ll be more careful.

Episode 6

B: …a demon?
A: Ask what it is for now

Episode 7

A: Is there anything I can do?
A: “I want to talk to you about something.”
A: “There’s no point in crying.”

Episode 8

B: “Want me to do all of them?”
C: Let Satoru sit down

Episode 9

C: “I’m glad you’re okay.”
A: Apologize
A: Ask him to hold your hand

Episode 10

A: “It’s my fault.”
C: “Are you upset?”

Episode 11

C: Say nothing and wait
A: “I trust you.”

Episode 12

B: “Let’s give it a shot.”
C: “I trust you guys.”

Episode 13

A: Talk to Meguru
A: Explain the situation

Episode 14

B: Someone special
A: I’m happy

Episode 15

A: “Are you really getting terminated?”
B: “Anywhere is fine.”

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