Story 1

C: What did you mean exactly…?
A: I’ll research about my future…

Story 2

B: I really want to today.
A: That makes me happy.

Story 3

C: Are you still wondering about your future?
B: Don’t stress out too much.

Story 4

C: Change the subject.
B: They feel different.

Story 5

A: Congratulations.
A: You’re the most honest person I know.

Story 6

B: You really have been honestly lately.
A: How do you know?

Story 7

A: Why didn’t you tell me?
A: Look up at him.
A: I’d never give up on you.

Story 8

B: I’m going.
B: Thank you for saying that.

Story 9

A: Take a bite.
C: You seem blushed.

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