Episode 1

C: I really respect him…
A: Call out to Ayame.

Episode 2

B: I understand.
A: Thank you.

Episode 3

B: That’s a problem.
A: I saw what happened.

Episode 4

A: Leave it to me!
C: He’s such a kind person.

Episode 5

B: Protect Ayame’s privacy.
A: Yes, you’re right.

Episode 6

A: Tell him directly.
C: Going with it.

Episode 7

B: He’s a superior I respect.
B: Please leave it to me.

Episode 8

B: His career.
B: Refusing.

Episode 9

B: Put it back.
A: I want to believe in him.

Episode 10

C: Tell him how you feel.
A: Me.

Episode 11

C: I’m scared, but…
C: Thank you.

Episode 12

A: Are you really not involved with Akko?
C: Yes.

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