Ichigo Sato Main Story

Episode 1

B: I’ll try as hard as I can.
C: I’ll only get better!

Episode 2

A: I’d rather live with books.
B: We need to put away the boxes.

Episode 3

A: I won’t tell anyone.
A: I forgot.

Episode 4

C: It’s not what you think!
C: He looks like you, Ichigo.

Episode 5

C: Where are you going?
A: You’re good-looking.

Episode 6

C: I like staying with Ichigo.
A: Sure, I like him.

Episode 7

B: Use my finger.
A: You look really cool now.

Episode 8

A: We’ve been friends since we were little.
B: I don’t regret it.

Episode 9

A: Because of what happened last night…
A: I’m good with Ichigo.

Episode 10

B: I don’t know…
C: I like you better.

Episode 11

B: He’s grown up inside, too.
C: I wish I could stay with Ichigo longer.

Episode 12

B: Are you mad?
B: Because I was crying?

Episode 13

A: Actually…
A: He helped me with packing.

Episode 14

A: I’m sure he’ll like it.
A: We were just talking.

Episode 15

C: I want to talk to him.
A: I’m sad.

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