Episode 1

B: “It might be a rival mob.”
C: “Let’s go see one!”

Episode 2

A: “What does that mean?”
A: “What are you reading?”

Episode 3

B: “I miss you guys too.”
C: “I never want to be apart.”

Episode 4

C: “I’ll pick out a good suit for you.”
B: “Hurry up and go to them.”

Episode 5

C: Kiss his hand.
A: “…You have to go slow.”

Episode 6

A: “Great idea.”
B: “Let’s split each.”

Episode 7

C: Beg Soryu to change his mind.
A: “Doesn’t this hurt you, Soryu?”

Episode 8

A: “You be careful too.”
C: “That’s just like him.”

Episode 9

C: “They didn’t hurt me.”
C: “I’m sorry I caused trouble.”

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