Episode 1

C: “I feel better now.”
A: “Stroke Soryu’shair.”

Episode 2

C: Try to brush it off.
C: “I’ll bring you something.”

Episode 3

C: “Thanks.”
C: Admit it.

Episode 4

A: “It’s part of my job.”
B: “Good luck.”

Episode 5

B: “I want to do something too.”
C: “I’ll make you omelettes tomorrow.”

Episode 6

A: “I was concerned.”
A: “I love you no matter what.”

Episode 7

A: Answer casually.
B: “I want to support Soryu.”

Episode 8

C: “Let’s think up a plan.”
A: Make eye contact with Tenma.

Episode 9

B: Stand on your own.
B: “I knew you’d come.”