Episode 1

B: Ask him to let you help.
C: Tell him you made omelettes.

Episode 2

C: Smile at him.
C: “Don’t worry, I’m not sad.”

Episode 3

A: Nod.
B: Ask him to pick one out with you.

Episode 4

B: “Let’s work hard together.”
B: “Later.”

Episode 5

A: “It’s okay.”
C: Change the subject.

Episode 6

A: “Are you nervous?”
B: “Okay, thanks.”

Episode 7

B: “You don’t have to force yourself.”
C: “I wish we would have met sooner.”

Episode 8

B: “I’m going to make him happy, too.”
C: “Soryu will protect me.”

Episode 9

B: “I won’t give up.”
A: “If only they’d get to know him…”