Episode 1

A: “We’ll be back.”
B: “Call me by my first name.”

Episode 2

A: “Where can I find a toolbox?”
B: “That’s amazing.”

Episode 3

B: “Hey, Koh!”
A: Tell Koh.

Episode 4

B: “Hey, Koh!”
A: “This is so good!”

Episode 5

C: “Koh is way too cool.”
C: Follow him.

Episode 6

A: “Do you like them?”
B: “Some things are a secret.”

Episode 7

C: “Maybe you’re right…”
A: “That sounds nice.”

Episode 8

B: Smile and say something.
B: “I’ll try a different one.”

Episode 9

B: “Help me fix this leak?”
C: Sit next to him.

Episode 10

A: Get closer.
C: “You’re not alone!”

Episode 11

B: “I’m glad he’s okay.”
A: “Are you okay now?”

Episode 12

C: “We should make some memories!”
B: “There’s plenty more!”

Episode 13

B: Give him some water.
C: “That was so cool!”

Episode 14

A: Iced coffee.
C: “I’ll return it tomorrow.”

Episode 15

A: Wait.
C: “You’re not going to eat?”